East Kingdom Chronicler's Office
Publication Permissions

Last updated: April 23, 2016

Chroniclers are responsible for obtaining permissions on relevant forms to publish all original content in their newsletters, including creative works (art and written work) and photographs. Release forms are not required for officer letters or event notices.

There are three publication permission forms—one for creative work (such as articles and artwork), a second for photography, and a third for photography models. The forms cannot be modified, either by addition or deletion, with two exceptions:

  • Adding the name of the specific publication and/or website
  • Adding an expiration date for the publication of the submission (i.e., "you can publish this once before January 1, 2015")

Chroniclers can receive permission forms electronically. They are available below in both regular PDF and fillable PDF forms. Chroniclers should provide hard copies of permission forms on request.

1. Creative Work Publication Permission Form: Chroniclers must have this completed form from the creator of any articles, poetry, stories, scripts, songs, artwork (including heraldic artwork) or maps before publishing those submissions. This form cannot be used to grant permission to print an individual’s personal information. Chroniclers can obtain that permission in the body of an email.

In "publish the Work on a SCA web site for __________", give the group name, or another designator such as "the Barony of Provincia's Arts and Sciences", rather than a URL address.

The forms are part of the office and cannot be assigned to an individual office-holder. An individual office-holder’s name cannot be added to the form.

Creative Work Publication Permission Form (regular PDF)
Creative Work Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)

2. Photographer Publication Permission Form: Chroniclers must have this completed form from photographers before publishing their photographs. It is expected that some cropping or color adjustment may occur, but if you are editing photos significantly, confirm with the photographer that the finished images meet with the photographer’s approval for publication.

Contributors of photographs (as photographers or models) may choose to complete a release form only once for all current and future submissions. If a photographer wants to allow publication of any photo they submit, they can check the box under "Perpetual Grants of Use". Photography models can check Option 1 on their form to submit a release for all photographs.

Photographer Publication Permission Form (regular PDF)
Photographer Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)

3. Photo Model Publication Permission Form: Before publishing a photo in a newsletter, the chronicler must have the photo model release forms of all identifiable subjects in the photo, including Royalty. Subjects must be identifiable by face (identifying photo subjects only by their armor or heraldry doesn’t count). The Kingdom Chronicler will obtain photo model publication permissions from new Royalty at or shortly after each Crown tourney. If these permissions are not given, the Kingdom Chronicler will notify local chroniclers in Pikestaff that the Crown has not given permission to use photographs in which they can be identified.

There is one exception to this: no photo model release form will be required for electronic newsletters from which the images can be removed or changed upon request, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The photos are taken at a public place and in a public forum, including any SCA contest or competition, merchants' row, court, and class, where there is no expectation of privacy. Chroniclers must still obtain photo model permission forms for photos taken in private areas at public events, including private encampments, private ceremonies, or any other activity the participants deem private.
  • The photos are not staged or portrait-style photographs of individuals (including photographs that may be cropped to make them appear portrait-style).
  • The photographs are taken at a public venue.
  • No local laws or regulations prohibit the above conditions.

This in no way impedes any person from asking for, and having, their image removed from the website or electronic media at any time. The photo model release forms will continue to be required as specified for print media and any other media where the images cannot be removed upon request, and in any circumstance where the image does not meet the above criteria.

Photo Model Publication Permission Form (regular PDF)
Photo Model Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)