East Kingdom Chronicler's Office

This is the home of the East Kingdom Chronicler's Office. Here you will find resources if you are a local chronicler, and information if you're considering volunteering to serve your local group, and information about how the office works if you're just curious.

Chroniclers publish newsletters to share news of local events, business meetings, and other happenings of interest to the populace they serve. Newsletters can educate and entertain with original works such as book reviews, poetry, short fiction, articles and art, and should show the Society in a positive light. In publishing newsletters, chroniclers record the rich history and diverse works of their groups.

I encourage all chroniclers of the East to become familiar with the local chronicler policies on this website by reviewing them regularly.

Visit the publication permission page, with forms and notes on their use.

Thank you for your hard work, support, and creative efforts. Please feel at home to contact me with questions, suggestions, or contributions. The Kingdom Office is here to support you.

Lady Mór Cille Caindigh
East Kingdom Chronicler